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亚洲首领峰会艾诚讲演:给予所需的人物最力气 | 艾问人物

5月15日,艾问开创人、出资合伙人艾诚受邀到会在韩国首尔举办的第十届亚洲领导力会议(Asian Leadership Conference),该会议是由韩国《朝鲜日报》在2005年发起的非官方、非营利性国际会议,足球彩票每年在韩国首尔召开,由全球领导人一起讨论亚洲乃至国际面对的紧迫问题。

亚洲首领峰会艾诚讲演:给予所需的人物最力气 | 艾问人物

作为“国际级”思想交流和影响全球言论的渠道足球彩票,本届会议以“站在十字路口的国际:寻觅出路(The World at a Crossroads: Searching for Concrete Solutions)”为主题,包括英国约克公爵安德鲁王子、第29任美国驻联合国大使尼基·哈利、诺贝尔经济学奖获得者保罗·罗默、德国前总理格哈德·施罗德、意大利前总理马泰奥·伦齐等180多位政治、经济等范畴的国际首领级领导人到会。

亚洲首领峰会艾诚讲演:给予所需的人物最力气 | 艾问人物

峰会期间,正逢中美贸易战进入新一轮坚持期。艾诚在讲演中提及,中美关系可能给韩国与我国的生意交往带来的不确定性坚持张望留步不前。我国是韩国2018年出口及进口排名第一位的国家,占韩国出口及足球彩票进口总额分别为26.8%、19.9%。“作为对话了全球年代人物的艾问来说,good things take time just do the right things,任何一家企业供给的产品和服务的比较优势和不可代替性在哪里,这个产品是不是给予了所需,假如是,就坚决走下去。没有人会为故步自封的犹疑和慎重而拍手,所有人都会为给予所需的勇气和共情买单,哪怕失利了。”

亚洲首领峰会艾诚讲演:给予所需的人物最力气 | 艾问人物




Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,


Honored to be here.


My name is Gloria Ai… I like to say you can call me Miss”A-I”, which of course can mean a lot of different things these days.


A-I is my name, I was born with it. These days, though, everyone is talking about AI, artificial intelligence. And in Chinese, the word ai also means “love”. So there’s a lot going on in those two little letters.


There’s a saying I’ve always believed in which says that in the future, the sophistication of your A.I. — your technology — will determine your speed, how fast you can go… but only your ai— your love, your passion — can determine the direction you move in, your ultimate destination, and the people you meet along the way.

亚洲首领峰会艾诚讲演:给予所需的人物最力气 | 艾问人物


Technology empowers us, but ultimately it’s our humanity that sets us on our path.


I want to share with you today a bit about who I am, how I found my direction, and how I share my passion with the people I meet along the way — including all of you!


I grew up on a fruit orchard in the hills of Huangshan Mountain, in one of the most beautiful but less developed provinces of China. I stayed in that small town my entire childhood — I didn’t even see a train until I was 17 years old.

亚洲首领峰会艾诚讲演:给予所需的人物最力气 | 艾问人物


But from a very young age, I was curious about the world, about the future, and that curiosity eventually led me faraway from my hometown. I went to school at Peking University in Beijing… I interned at the United Nations in New York… I did my Masters at Harvard…


and my curiosity led me to my life’s work, in media, and led me around the world, beginning as an overseas correspondent and anchorwoman for China Central Television.

亚洲首领峰会艾诚讲演:给予所需的人物最力气 | 艾问人物


I loved media — in particular I loved interviewing the people that were changing the world, asking questions that would reveal an aspect of their character or their thought-process, understanding what lies behind a true leader.


After years of interviewing leaders across the global economy, I began to realize something very interesting: visionary leaders in the West tend to establish and publicize a set of values that guide the growth of their companies, and as their products reach more and more people, the founder’s names become synonymous with their companies and the values they embody. Think about…




Steve Jobs-Apple-innovative function and sleek design

Mark Zuckerberg-Facebook-an open and connected world

Elon Musk-Tesla-technology for a sustainable and exciting future


But Chinese founders are very different. There are more unicorns being born in China than anywhere else in the world today— but it always seems to be the companies that get big and go global, not the entrepreneurs or their values.


Besides Jack Ma, none of the Chinese visionaries behind this new wave of innovation have achieved international recognition at scale. The reason behind is that Asian Societies are organized around the collective and western societies are organized individual.

亚洲首领峰会艾诚讲演:给予所需的人物最力气 | 艾问人物


I call this “The Faceless Rise of Chinese Enterprise”. The humans behind the innovation, the decision-makers behind the investment, are largely left out of the story of China’s rise.


That’s why I started iAsk Media with the mission of profiling China’s most influential innovators and investors, and sharing their stories with the world.


I interview people for a living. I listen to people’s stories, and I present them to the public.


And throughout it all, we continue to explore the same question that drove my curiosity since the beginning of my career in media:


What makes a true leader successful? What separates the good from the great?


Since we started 5 years ago, we’ve produced over 150 premium video interviews with leading entrepreneurs and investors, published over 1300 podcasts and articles, and attracted over 3 billion views across a multi-platform media ecosystem of broadcast TV, web video, podcasts, radio, print publishing (both books and magazines), and a host of IP and channel partnerships.

亚洲首领峰会艾诚讲演:给予所需的人物最力气 | 艾问人物


With iAsk Media now firmly established, we’ve launched iAsk Capital to offer founders a range of services beyond traditional media and PR, and to invest in early- and growth-stage companies whose products, technology, and values will shape our future.


And I mean literally investing.


With iAsk Media now firmly established, we’ve launched iAsk Capital to offer founders a range of services beyond traditional media and PR, and to invest in early- and growth-stage companies whose products, technology, and values will shape our future.


Our core competency is simple and powerful:


This approach has earned iAsk Capital a spot on the cap tables of some of China’s biggest media and AI unicorns, including China’s leading podcasting platform Himalaya, visual technology developer Moviebook,Video++,and AI chipmaker Horizon Robotics, which recently raised a $600 million round led by SK Group.


As the founder of iAsk Media and iAsk Capital, I measure my success only by the value I create for founders and their companies; only when something is truly needed is it truly worth doing — that’s what makes a good career.

亚洲首领峰会艾诚讲演:给予所需的人物最力气 | 艾问人物


But I also want to talk about what makes a good life.


We talk a lot about what who we are, and what we do, but it’s also important to talk about what we believe in — the ai or the love that sets us on our path.

亚洲首领峰会艾诚讲演:给予所需的人物最力气 | 艾问人物


See what I’m wearing right now? Red.


Lots of people think of red as the color of love, but for me it’s actually more than that.


The little red dress is my calling card, my signature, but it’s also my battle suit.


My red dress doesn’t just give me color in life, it gives me confidence: the confidence to be bold, to experiment, to take risks, to ask tough questions and reach for difficult goals.


Red is my armor. It protects me and gives me courage, but like everyone else, beneath my armor, I have my own fears, my insecurities, my own vanity and weakness.

亚洲首领峰会艾诚讲演:给予所需的人物最力气 | 艾问人物


Fear is a funny thing, really. I like to think that FEAR is an acronym for False Evidence Appearing Real — that fear isa falsehood that can be confronted with truth. That’s why the best way to conquer your fears is by embracing them.


One of my favorite stories about embracing fear comes from an entrepreneur I interviewed about five years ago. This man had founded four companies, and every one of them was a failure. He had failed selling wood, failed selling cosmetics, failed selling everything he’d ever tried to sell, and at this point he was full of fear and insecurity — but he still leaned in to his new venture, which was even more outrageous than the rest. He wanted to aggregate and personalize news media, using algorithms to pick a different headline story for each user. Media companies hated the idea of someone else prioritizing or de-prioritizing their content, and soon his little startup was the subject of a series of lawsuits.

亚洲首领峰会艾诚讲演:给予所需的人物最力气 | 艾问人物


He was scared, and considered making concessions, but in the end he realized he’d have to stand his ground,”All that matters is the headline,”he said. “If we can’t personalize that, we can’t personalize anything.”He overcame his fear, pushed forward, and won the lawsuits in court. Soon his commitment to giving users what they needed catapulted him to the top of China’s new economy. This man’s name is Zhang Yiming, he is 35 years old, and his startup Bytedance (owner of Toutiao and Tik Tok, and also an iAsk portfolio company) is valued at over 75 billion dollars.


I’d like to take a few moments to talk about how the Chinese and Korean people can understand each other’s needs and better help one another, When I speak with Chinese entrepreneurs doing business cross-border, they often talk about the benefits of the China-Korea free trade agreement, to the point where Korea is one of China’s largest trading partners.


China is the biggest trading partner of Korea, 26.8% and 19.9% of total export and import in 2018. Politically speaking, South Korea plays an instrumental role in the stability of the Korean Peninsula and the security of Asia as a whole. And of course Korean popular culture is incredibly influential in China and the rest of Asia, as well.

亚洲首领峰会艾诚讲演:给予所需的人物最力气 | 艾问人物


Korean entrepreneurs and investors are very active in the China market,Korean companies invested in China around USD 4.67billion in 2018, ranked 4th as 3.5% of total foreign direct investment in China 2018, and ranked 2nd as 6.3% in Q1 2019.


There is more and more collaboration between Chinese and Korean companies, and there are 12 Chinese companies listed on the Korean stock exchange, total market cap is 1253.2 billion WON, 7.28billion RMB.

一起,中美关系可能给韩国与我国的生意交往带来的不确定性坚持张望留步不前。而作为对话了全球年代人物的艾问来说,good things take time just do the right things,您所在的韩国企业供给的产品和服务的比较优势和相对不可代替性和必要性在哪里,这个产品是不是给予了所需,假如是,就坚决的走下去,假如不是就坚决的撤掉。

There are challenges, of course; the complexities of the US-China relationship may spill over and add uncertainty to trade and investment between China and Korea. But at iAsk we believe that “good things take time; just keep doing the right thing.”Whether you’re at a Korean company or a Chinese company, ask yourself: do your products and services address a real need, do they have a real competitive advantage, are they truly irreplaceable? If so, commit to seeing them through, no matter what. If not, commit to letting them go.

亚洲首领峰会艾诚讲演:给予所需的人物最力气 | 艾问人物


No one will applaud for you dragging out a flawed venture any longer than it deserves; and no one will fault you for persisting with courage and passion when you know you are doing the right thing — even if you fail at first, like Zhang Yiming, if you are giving people what they need sooner or later you will succeed.


Over generations of hard work by both the Chinese and Korean peoples, over years of developing institutions and legal systems, we emerge at a place today where both countries have strong foundations and fertile soil for entrepreneurship. Whether you’re a Chinese or Korean founder with a Chinese or Korean company, as long as you are serving a true need, you will find the power to make your dream come true.


iAsk has come here to Seoul today along with so many other Chinese entrepreneurs and investors because we believe that the connection between China and Korea has the potential to grow bigger and deeper than ever before. We want to work with you to make it possible.

亚洲首领峰会艾诚讲演:给予所需的人物最力气 | 艾问人物


Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s been a long journey from the fruit orchard I grew up on to be with you here in Seoul.


I’ve learned a lot along the way — about what makes good leaders, what makes good companies, and what makes a good life.


I want to learn a lot more, from you.


Please reach out to me if:

1. you’re interested in working together in media, brand, or communications in China…

2. you have an investment opportunity you want to explore together, or…

3. you see a need and want to help meet it.


I look forward to sharing with you all.


Thank you.

亚洲首领峰会艾诚讲演:给予所需的人物最力气 | 艾问人物


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